HGPT is a leading provider of turnkey solutions for EHV transmission lines and substations in Malaysia with a proven ability to deliver projects in line with the customer’s requirements.

HGPT has come a long way since its inception in 1988, and along the way, contributed in a major way towards the electrification of Malaysia. To date, HGPT has constructed over 2000 km of transmission lines both in Malaysia and overseas, along with the installation of over 4000 km OPGW/ADSS cables worldwide, with a majority of these under live line conditions on existing infrastructure.

HGPT has thus made a reputation for itself, not only in the construction of new transmission facilities, but also complicated projects involving refurbishments and upgrading of existing transmission systems, which have to be undertaken under extreme system constraints.

HGPT’s premier status in this field has made it a Turnkey Contractor of choice in Malaysia, with excellence in management of complicated large scale projects. It has continually committed itself in the pursuit of excellence and reliability of the supplied plant and equipment, thus resulting satisfied client.

In order to further improve our services to our customers, HGPT has established a well documented quality Management System compliant to ISO 9001:2000 standards. Stringent QA/QC processes which are incorporated in this QMS enables each project delivered by  HGPT to meet the high standards we set ourselves.

Carrying all its expertise and years of experience, HGPT has become the first Malaysian company to obtain transmission line projects overseas. It met success in its endeavors in 1999, through award of a 150 kV transmission line project in Indonesia. This ADB funded project was won by HGPTthrough direct international bidding and has since been successfully completed.

Since then, HGPT has moved from strength to strength, obtaining turnkey projects in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India and Saudi Arabia, while continuing to play an active role in the transmission system development in Peninsular and East Malaysia.

In 2004, HGPT was awarded a project by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB – electricity authority of Malaysia) for the installation of OPGW on existing 275kV transmission lines with ALL CONDUCTORS LIVE. It is a matter of pride for hi slut
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HGPT that TNB has placed its confidence in it for a prestigious project of this nature.

HGPT now looks forward to consolidating its position in its existing markets, while looking towards new markets to spread its wings. casino online australia
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